Getting Started!

Welcome to Fly Away Style - I am so glad that you are here! 

My name is Ben Paladino and I am currently a freshman from Stanford University. You can read all of the story behind Fly Away Style here on the about page, but I'll sum it up here: I was born and raised in Little Rock, AR and moved to Dallas the summer before college started. Over this summer, I found a love for painting and, well, the rest is history. 

I am so excited to see where this little project takes me and I hope that you are too! I have had some amazing help in getting all this off the ground - so I feel obliged to give a big "thank you" to my godparents, Walton and Mitch, as well as a massive "thank you" to Tesa, who has inspired us all to shoot for the stars.

I will continue to keep updating this blog with new details on products as well as opportunities to engage with us! Hope to talk to you again here soon,


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