Holiday Brushstrokes Gift Wrap
Holiday Brushstrokes Gift Wrap

Holiday Brushstrokes Gift Wrap

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Introducing our Holiday Brushstrokes Gift Wrap, featuring original watercolor designs by the talented Dallas-based artist, Taylor Paladino. This 30" x 10' roll of wrapping paper is a work of art, with stunning paintbrush strokes of traditional Christmas colors in uniform horizontal form.

Each stroke of the brush is masterfully executed, creating a mesmerizing pattern that evokes the spirit of the holiday season. The colors are rich and vibrant, with hues of red, green, and gold, adding to the festive mood.

Taylor Paladino's attention to detail is evident in every inch of this wrapping paper, making it a perfect canvas for wrapping your gifts. The quality of the paper is top-notch, ensuring that your presents will be wrapped securely and beautifully.

This Holiday Brushstrokes Gift Wrap is not just wrapping paper, it's a statement piece that adds an extra layer of beauty and elegance to your gifts. It's perfect for any occasion, from wrapping Christmas presents to adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday gifts.

In conclusion, our Holiday Brushstrokes Gift Wrap is a stunning work of art, featuring original watercolor designs by Taylor Paladino. The uniform horizontal form of the paintbrush strokes in traditional Christmas colors creates a mesmerizing pattern that is sure to impress. It's the perfect wrapping paper for adding an extra touch of beauty to your gifts this holiday season.


Continuous Roll | 30" x 10ft 

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