About Us

Taylor Paladino began with a single set of watercolor paintings. I took up painting as a way to relax during a period of profound change - I had left Arkansas and moved to Dallas, TX for the summer before my freshman year at Stanford University. My godparents saw my colorful designs and encouraged me to create a stationery set out of them. Since that first card set, we have grown into a national brand with my art on products in stores around the country! 


I recently graduated from college and have moved back to Texas to continue painting and working on the company! We still produce the original stationery and have now expanded our line to include home accessories that feature my fun, fresh, and clean designs. You can find our products in gift stores near you, find us while we're on the road, or here online! 




We still like to think of our products and their fun and fresh images as a ticket or gateway that lets you “fly away” to a wonderful, exotic and luxurious place – all without leaving home! I hope you find as much joy and pleasure in my art and these products as we do creating them!