Patriotic Bike

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Introducing the 4 x 6-inch notepad featuring an original watercolor design by Dallas-based artist Taylor Paladino. This notepad boasts a beautifully painted patriotic bike with vibrant wildflowers in the handlebar's basket, an American flag, and fireworks in the basket on the back, capturing the spirit of American patriotism and freedom.

Each page boasts 50 sheets of plain unlined paper, perfect for any use. The paper is smooth, providing an enjoyable writing experience that is both satisfying and functional.

The unique watercolor design by Taylor Paladino adds a touch of artistic elegance to this notepad. The image of the patriotic bike is expertly crafted with intricate details and bold colors that come to life on the page. The iconic image is timeless and perfect for use throughout the year.

Measuring at a perfect 4 x 6 inches, this notepad is compact and portable, making it the ideal accessory for anyone on the go. Whether you're a student, a professional, or an artist, this notepad is the perfect companion for all your creative endeavors.

The notepad also makes for a perfect gift. The original watercolor design by Taylor Paladino is truly one-of-a-kind and is sure to impress anyone who receives it. The notepad comes packaged in a protective sleeve, ensuring that the design remains pristine and intact during transportation.


Dimensions & more:

4 x 6" 50 sheet notepad - bound at the top.