Waving Texas Flag
Waving Texas Flag

Waving Texas Flag

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Introducing the 4 x 6" tall notepad, featuring an original watercolor design by the talented Dallas-based artist Taylor Paladino. Each of the 50 sheets of plain, unlined paper is adorned with a stunning illustration of the Texas flag waving proudly in the breeze at the top, adding a touch of Lone Star State pride to your notetaking.

This notepad's cardstock backing provides a sturdy surface for writing or sketching. And with 50 sheets of unlined paper, you have the freedom to let your creativity run wild.

But it's the Texas flag illustration that truly sets this notepad apart. Taylor Paladino has captured the iconic beauty of the Lone Star State flag with stunning detail. The watercolor technique she has used adds depth and dimension to the image, making it feel almost as though you're standing right there in Texas, watching the flag flutter in the wind.

The bright colors of the flag - blue, white, and red - are rendered in beautiful, vivid hues, with tiny details like the stars and stripes creating a truly captivating image.

This notepad is the perfect size for carrying with you wherever you go, so you can jot down notes or ideas at a moment's notice. And with the beautiful Texas flag illustration on each sheet, you'll feel a sense of pride and patriotism every time you use it.

Whether you're a Texan, a lover of Americana, or simply someone who appreciates beautiful design, this notepad is a must-have. The original artwork by Taylor Paladino makes it a unique and stylish addition to any stationery collection. So why wait? Order yours today and start jotting down your creative ideas in style.


Dimensions & more:

4 x 6" 50 sheet notepad - bound at the top.

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