Wood Duck on Water
Wood Duck on Water

Wood Duck on Water

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Introducing our stunning 4 x 6" notepad featuring an original watercolor design by Dallas based artist Taylor Paladino, capturing the beauty of a wood duck in water. Each of the 50 sheets is adorned with the intricately detailed image of the wood duck, making every page a work of art.

Taylor Paladino's incredible attention to detail brings this bird to life in a way that is both whimsical and realistic. From the intricate feather patterns to the delicate ripples in the water, every element of the design is thoughtfully crafted.

Printed on unlined paper, this notepad is perfect for all your note-taking needs. The luxurious texture of the paper adds a touch of elegance, while the eco-friendly materials ensure that you can use it with a clear conscience. Whether you're taking notes, making a to-do list, or just jotting down ideas, this notepad is the perfect canvas to capture your thoughts.

Overall, this wood duck notepad is a stunning and functional addition to your stationery collection, and the perfect way to bring a touch of nature into your daily life.


Dimensions & more:

4 x 6" 50 sheet notepad - bound at the top.

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