Ben's Birthday Gift Guide


Birthday’s are about celebrating one more year under your belt with those who you love. And at the end of this week, my birthday week, I am happy to say that I have officially completed 2020 (in spirit) and my 21st year. While I wasn’t able to have the 22 college party I had planned on, I was able to see some of the most important people in a safe-socially distanced way. I even made the drive all the way to Fort Worth for a front yard birthday champagne lunch with my pre-COVID college roommate! All of this got me thinking, what’s the best way to share these big special occasions with people during the pandemic? Because it’s not just about the party, it’s about showing them you care! Include here are a very "Taylor Paladino" assortment of the best birthday ideas to share this year!


Our Birthday Cards are perfect for any celebration. These are a few of my favorites!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY LLAMA - For those who like the cute things!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAKE - For those who like it "Classy."

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HATS - For those who like it fun!



There are a TON of options when it comes to gifts - but my favorites are our candles and our new tea towels!


SANIBEL SURF CANDLE - A yummy, sweet, and tropical scent perfect to brighten even the dullest of days!

WERK IT TEA TOWEL - This adorable design tells them that they are awesome -unequivocally and perfectly.